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Increase customer loyalty and brand presence over time simply by remaining visible on their desktops, laptops, or the mobile screen. Application development can help you achieve this.


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Web applications are now a standard part of a business’s tool kit not only to assist in reaching out to customers,  but as a key component to provide a cost-effective business operation.

Our team at One Stop Media provides intuitive mobile application development making your company’s web and mobile presence more navigable, while providing a catchy, concise app experience to the public.

How a Mobile Application Can Help Your Business  


  • Build relationship and loyalty with customers by always being visible on mobile phones’ home screen, push notifications, QR codes, live chat, and much more
  • Increase productivity with customers’ feedback, account and staff management, project oversight
  • Reinforce your social networking marketing strategies
  • Generate repeat business from on-the-go customers with increased visibility on mobile devices, commonly found in apps stores

Mobile devices are here to stay, and have already replaced the traditional systems as a means of communication and contact with the Internet. This is a boom, not only for businesses with marketable products and services, but also to potential customers seeking services and information. The concept of being connected round-the-clock has given rise to the need for specialised applications and software that will be able to match these exclusive requirements.

Mobile Apps developed by One Stop Media has a large number of benefits:

Mobile Apps developed by One Stop Media fulfil all of the specific needs of a person on the go.

  • Every app is customised to meet a company’s specific goals and exclusive business mission
  • They can efficiently project the business profile, and is designed with the ‘small screen’ in mind
  • They are cost-effective, with a higher return on investment. It’s because with the same outlay as on traditional web designs, apps have a far wider reach to prospective customers, considering that the site can be entered from anywhere
  • Our innovative apps make a company’s web presence very user friendly. It is always on our mind that ease of navigation is paramount, as the device it’s intended for is handheld, with a smaller screen size than conventional systems

Apps are exclusively structured to be compatible for use with mobile devices, and have a large role to play in any business environment of the modern era. We design and develop apps that will more-than-fit your requirement, and will surely help your business grow by reaching-out to a wide section of the population.

“ ACMA research shows that 68 per cent of Australians (8.9 million) with an internet-enabled mobile phone downloaded a mobile application—commonly referred to as an ‘app’— in the six months to May 2013”.
Source Australian Communications & Media Authority

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